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Pre-listing Inspections

Thinking of selling your home?

Today's consumers consider three important issues when shopping for a home, LOCATION, LOCATION, and CONDITION!

Hiring qualified real estate professionals, such as a licensed broker or agent, is the first step toward gaining objectivity when selling a home. But getting more
involved in the process yourself, learning as much as you can, and providing your own extra effort can go a long way toward saving you time and money.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY...If a professional home inspection makes good sense for a home buyer, think about what it can mean for a seller who contracts for an inspection AT THE TIME OF LISTING!

If the major systems in your home are new, you've updated your home over time and the structural components of your home have been well maintained, you should consider promoting this information through an inspection report that reflects it.

I know the most common things that tend to sour a deal. These simple to correct problems can go a long way in turning potential buyers into continuing shoppers...

A KELLER HOME INSPECTION Prior To Listing Your Home May Result In Getting Top Dollar For Your Home!

Eventually your buyers are going to have an inspection performed on your home...
Unfortunately, most home inspections are performed at the request of the home buyer. however, more and more sellers are opting for a home inspection prior to putting their house on the market. By doing this, the seller can address any negative findings prior to showing the home to a prospective buyer. The seller can then take care of any deficiencies and eliminate costly renegotiations with the buyer in advance, or the seller can simply choose not to correct these items, but rather disclose them up front to the potential buyers. This can save the seller hundreds to thousands of dollars.

*Defects won't become a stumbling block.

*It helps allow you to price your home realistically.

*You get the time to get reasonably priced contractors or make the repairs yourself, if you are qualified.

*You may be alerted to items of immediate personal safety concern.

*Your liability is reduced by adding professional documentation in you disclosure statement.

As a prospective seller, the realistic evaluation of your home's condition will greatly assist you when placing it on the market. Knowing what issues, if any, are likely to come up will allow you to deal with them in a way that keeps the sale of your home moving smoothly.

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